When Wedding Planning Goes Right….

When my Fiance and I got engaged, I already knew what to expect given that I have been down this road once before within SL. So came the time to beginning shopping around for companies who do weddings with SL for a price that we could afford and not feel as if we could have gotten more elsewhere. At times planning a wedding in SL can be pretty stressful and can feel more time consuming that a RL wedding but I found that with Simply Bliss Weddings it’s made effortless and quite stress free. There are 5 different wedding packages to choose from ranging from 1000L up to 12000L clearly stating what comes with so you can see the differences; 9 different venues to pick from and a staff that goes above and beyond to meet your needs.

Visit Midsummer Night Dream

We ended up chose the Midsummer Night Dream Venue, if you are planning on getting married anytime soon I would recommend ging for a visit to see the breath taking venues that this company creates.

Each package save for the lowest one comes with an included Engagement Photo which is taken by JaseyRae Petrovic for use in your wedding invitations. Let me just say that her work is simply amazing, take the time out to visit her Flickr or her personal blog – Ruffles & Frills.

I look forward to see how all their hard work turns out. I know that it’s a day that I will never forget, one that I will never wish to ever forget.

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