What has Sɨℓνεя been up too….

The last time I wrote a post it was for St. Patrick’s Day which was a month ago now. What have I been up too since then; a good many things. I’ve been working within SL once more and gotten back to DJing once in a blue moon wanting to explore a few things while keeping it lighthearted and fun. There is no point to having a job in SL unless it’s something you truly enjoy doing; otherwise it’s going to turn into a chore which you hate having to do. I suppose that’s why I try to space things out a bit so I never feel too overwhelmed if that it the correct word for it. So here are a few things that I have been up too that I have pictures of.

Learning a bit more in regards to editing pictures. I love to take photographs in Second Life, most people who take the time to get to know me, know this. I finally started up a good bit once again, it was something I enjoyed and I am now in a place to truly enough such once more. The above is a before and after piece that I did with my sister Mandy as model, maybe you see some differences maybe not but it was a fun piece I enjoyed editing.

Next here are a pair of the many shoes that I’ve become obsessed with from REIGN These are the Georgia Sandal – Gray for Slink Flat Feet available at  The Big Show. Nail Polish that I am wearing is by Flair with appliers for Slink Hands and Feet, they have a pretty good selection so be sure to take a look.

Next Up was my Sister Mandy’s Birthday! It was a really nice day with my Brother in law asking me to help out, so I made the above posters for her which I am so happy with. I was impressed with myself that I could get something out so quickly. 😀

You can see that she enjoyed her party very much for which I am quite glad. It was a wonderful day for everyone leading up to a holiday which was the very next day.

Easter Sunday came and I had the house nice and decorated for the event, I found quite a few low prim goodies on Market Place for pretty cheap. But I suddenly began to wonder do people go to church in Second Life; I mean sure for weddings we all do but what about certain holidays which lead me to wonder more… Is there and Orthodox Church in Second Life????

The answer to my question was yes. I was pretty impressed as I was raised Orthodox in RL, my habits of going to church for the past few years in adulthood have been very slim to none. Icons, the Pascal Service actually playing on the land stream complete with music from the choir…I was impressed and stayed for a little over an hour listening to hymns learned as a child. 
All in all it was a great day, getting to spend a bit of time with a few of my SL sisters as well as my brother when he streams music late at night which turned into a pretty long night with me going to bed at 3am in the morning…Monday was not kind to me to say the very least. I hope that you all enjoyed you Easter and are still enjoying your Second Life. 

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