What the hell do I wear…..?

What the hell do I wear today….? It’s a question that we have all faced at one time or another within Second Life. Suddenly everything in our inventory isn’t what we want.. I’ve had it happen to me quite a few times, ending up going out and about in pajamas. Other times we are tempted to delete everything that we have and start fresh; as tempting as that might be you need to remember the thousands and thousands of linden we have spent building up our wardrobe.

So on days such as this I end up going about in what I wore the day before until I suddenly have an idea and change or switch up my hair, pants and shoes at the very least. Perhaps a different color top, it can do wonders.

I need a few more fairs that’s for sure given that most things for summertime that I have are all mesh or non-mesh without appliers. I would like some non-mesh items with appliers as well, since I now have a Lolas and CuteAzz obsession.

I guess I’ll stop freaking out about what to wear and go back to trying to figure out photo editing a bit more. I admit I am green with envy over others pictures they have created; for they know how to do that very thing I love and wish I could do myself… if only someone offered a photoshop class inworld that was step by step. All of the blogs I have come across are wonderful but sometimes it helps to have a step by step run down of what was done and why it was done….

One day… *sighs*

New Hair: Truth – Besty Dark Browns


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