Can You Spot The Differences?

After posting for the Monday Meme; I perhaps got a bit inspired to begin messing around with a few windlights to see the differences in the snapshots that I took. But it turned into something else completely when I began to mess around with one of those photos within Photoshop. There were so many things that I began noticing which bothered me quite a great deal so I got to work beginning to edit; seeing what I could and what I might have to leave alone.

Let me tell you something; Liquify is not always the best course of action to smooth out those pixels. I have figured out that for me at times it’s so much better to use the smug tool. Control the size of the brush and your level of zoom and you’ll be amazed at the things you can do. I know I am not all that great there are so many people who’s blogs & Flickr accounts that I follow and those people truly have talent. I suppose that I am simply trying to do my very best to learn and get better with each passing day.

So I give you my before and after. Can you spot the differences? (Pay attention to eyes, lips and cheeks! You’ll find it! Zoom to see!!!!!!!)







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