Designer Showcase: Opopop Design!

This morning I found out about another hunt that is going on; ‘We Promise‘. What’s special about this hunt is that all profits go to benefit American Cancer Society. Each item is only 4L, so that is a great deal for a truly wonderful cause! Below I am wearing the “Dawa” shoes in gray from Opopop Design which are unisex. It comes with a hud so you can resize your shoes to fit properly as well as change the color of the laces to black or white.






Also Opopop Design is at The Fantasy Gacha Carnival. There are three items offered there by this designer. I got the Kampai V#1 Monster with a hold animation. I think that it’s so cute, there are so many different colors to collect; I have the black Ultra Rare in my collection.



Go and take a look there are many things in the main store that are worth taking a look at as well, for men and women. ♥


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