Special Meme: Strawberry Singh

This morning I realized that I hadn’t posted anything in the last few days, partly due to RL issues and secondly due to a bit of a SL burnout that I began having earlier this week. But then I read the normal blogs that I follow and was gifted with a little bit of a surprise! Today is Strawberry Singh’s 7’th Rez Day. Her post was quite moving along with the photos she shared today but the real treat was the end. Someone had asked for a photo of her so they could edit it.

UPDATE: Shadow asked me if he could have a picture to pile up for my rezday. So here it is, thought I’d share it with everyone in case you want to put mangoes on me and/or make me into a meme. Click over for a link to the original large image:


So there was my goal for the day! Could I edit a photo that would do her justice? Could I handle the inner pressure that I was giving myself to create something simple yet different from what I have tried… What if I messed up the photo of the Mother of Bloggers; Queen of Photography Herself!

I admit it I over thought quite a bit while playing around in Photoshop for the last 4 hours or so, adding things, redoing things, taking away, adding again… the endless cycle of over thinking… So finally I scrapped half of what I had done, taking it in a new direction than where I had been going with it….


Rez Day Meme: Strawberry Signh


Hopefully it does the woman who means quite a bit to all of us bloggers and photographers within SL a bit of justice; as without her I know that I would not be who I am now as a blogger and photographer for she has impacted me more than she will ever know and I haven’t once met this woman…. (That would be a life line dream.. omg!)


Happy Rez Day to you once more, Mother of Bloggers; Queen of Photography! (it’s my title for her and I am sticking with it..yes I watch too much Game of Thrones alright…!)



One comment

  1. omgoodness you had me laughing and close to tears throughout! I love the picture and I love the way you wrote about your adventures in processing it, lol. Thank you so much, for the kind words and the lovely rezday present. ❤


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