Flaming Pear: Flood Photoshop Plugin

A plugin came to my attention thanks to the ever resourceful Strawberry Singh while reading her blog the other day. It’s called Flood from Flaming Pear. They have a lot of plugin that they offer for a two week trial period. I began to think to myself what could I possible create while finally being able to control the water. First things first; I needed to find a windlight setting that could bring a bit of magic to the photograph that I was about to take. Luckily there is one that I had downloaded a while ago from Strawberry Singh (didn’t I tell you all she is the mother of bloggers, queen of photography!) It’s called Amethyst from the Berry Windlight Settings and gives off a wonderful night glow that is purplish to me at times. You can find more of her amazing windlight settings here!

Once I began to work, I found that I simply couldn’t stop at just one picture as there are so many poses that I have which could work out perfectly with the right water. So here is what I created, hopefully it inspires someone else… I’m really proud of what I created, well still a bit questioning about the third picture.. I might have done better without the sparkles but then again we are our own worst critic….


Credits for Poses:

Picture 1: ::TI:: Naughty pose2

Picture 2:  .[ pose+ivity ]. Leyla Pack – Leyla1

Picture 3:  bang! fae – fae3

Am I still dreaming?

I give my all....

All Me....

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