Monday Meme: Photobomb!

I am a bit late with the Monday Meme for this week. In all honesty I’m a bit behind in blogging period, such happens when your child comes down with a stomach flu for close to a week and then goes back to school on a Tuesday.. all you want to do is catch up with people and sleep….. but I digress… She is better now and I’m not getting sick (yet!)

The always wonderful Strawberry Singh had another topic ready for us this week, one that I was actually looking forward too quite a bit; Photobomb!

Definition of photobomb: To hop into a photo being taken at the last moment or anytime the people/things in the background of the image hijack the original focus.

Meme Instructions: Go out exploring the grid and find someone to photobomb, or share a picture or anecdote of a time that you were photobombed in Second Life.

Let’s me explain why I was so excited; my SL husband/RL best friend is often time ending up n my pictures, to the point that I tell him to go somewhere and shop for a bit so that I can grab the shot without him walking in or suddenly being in the picture thanks to a new angle I am trying.

Yet as of late he;s been a lot better when he assumes I am taking a picture, so this made a bit of a challenge! I finally got him when I TPed home really quick and sat down on our dock; there he came a minute later and I began snapping away. Perhaps it’s not truly a photobomb but it’s the best I can do at the time, that and I have over 3000 photos now apparently… I wasn’t in the mindset to go through all of them to find the best photobomb on record so far.


Hope that you all enjoy, will try to catch up in the next few days with making some pictures and getting ready for the weekend ♥




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