Friday Find: KaTink: Rezz-O-Matic

KaTink Rezz-O-Matic

This Morning I had decided to look around on marketplace for a Photo Studio. Now don’t get me wrong, I love exploring and finding places to take pictures but there are those rare time where you need a picture quickly and don;t have the time to go around exploring or when a friend asks for a picture with a simple background. So I began to explore and came across a store that I visited In-World called: KaTink. Here is their website as well: KaTink. Now I was like a kid in a candy store; poses, backgrounds, props. I thought to myself this is one of those places that might not be known to the world at large. By joining their group for 100L, you are offered quite a few things which were listed on a huge board in their store that I am going to list for you all.


Monthly Group Gift – Valued at anywhere from 350L to 500L

Random Group Pressies From the KaTink Staff – Just because we love you.

Loyalty Program – Spend 2000L total between our In-World store and our Marketplace store and start saving 10% on all future purchases!

Random Contests in Group Chat – Win KaTrink Products!

50% off all New Products – For the first 48 hours after they are released


Do you want to know what really hooked me in, it was the Loyalty Program for the fact that you earn rewards from shopping both In-World and on Marketplace as well. I am one of those people who can be In-world shopping and on Marketplace as well. It was a draw and I wished that some other stores offered it as well, for they would get quite a few new members due to that fact but I digress.

So after joining the group I began to look around the store, already knowing that I would be buying something and then coming back for more later, given that I am a Poseacholic. I found the Photo Studio they offered but found myself drawn to something else completely; an item which you could organize your poses along with the ad work so you wouldn’t always have to try to remember a name of a certain pose and take quite some time to find it within your inventory. Drum-roll….. KaTink – Rezz-O-Matic Now the price threw me off for a moment or two; 750L but when I took a moment to stop and think about it, for what it says it can do was worth it to me.

When I unpacked it I was in for a bit of a surprise as there are 3 different versions included; Floor Model, Wall Model & Hud Model. The Hud Model is perfect for those times when you want to go pose shopping but can’t remember if you already have a certain pose or one that is already very similar to what you have. The Floor Model was a bit big for my taste so I began working with the Wall Model.

There are many notecards explaining what to do but it’s not as hard as it might appear at first. I will say this right now; Only work with poses that are copyable if you do not when the pose is rezzed you will have to re add it back once you are finished using it!!!! Also make sure there is ad work to go along with the poses, As that is how you will know which pose is which!!

Go into your inventory and find a pose that you would like to add. Click edit on the rezzer, go to the content tab in edit mode. Open up the notecard and read over the instructions again if you need to you’ll see lines at the bottom, start there and don’t delete anything in the notecard. In your inventory right-click on the pose and select properties then copy the name and paste it in the notecard with a comma, then do the same for the ad work and paste that name behind the comma and hit enter to begin a new line for the next pose & ad that you have. Next drag over the pose and ad work into the contents folder and drop it. It’s as simple as that.

I made a tutorial video for this but I got a bit shy/nervous during it and then trying to edit it was a pain (It’s bad I apologize!!!!!) so here it is but I’m going to hold off on making anymore videos for the time being until I find a program that works out a bit better for me.


I leave you with another video but another song I found thanks to my friend Tricky!!! ♥

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