Tuesday Thoughts…

Sometimes being a blogger is a pretty thankless job. I know that many people think that as a blogger you get everything for free. Let me clear that up right now, most bloggers do not get things for free. I, myself have not gotten a thing for free. I simply blog about things that I like or love which I was planning on blogging anyways. I felt the need to point this out after a few notecards, I have gotten over the past few days. Honestly it’s crushed me a bit that people can be so cruel and unkind, when a person is simply doing something that they enjoy. I will say that if such happens again, I am out and this blog will be update every once in a blue moon and not daily.

All bloggers should be treated with respect and kindness, we are sharing things that we like, tips, eve ideas of places you might not have known of to explore. We take the time for photographs& editing, write-up, making sure that all of our information is correct, for you the people. Some of us are quicker than others with getting it all done, I take about an hour or two from start to finish. Please remember that the next time you want to be cruel to a blogger for something as simple as forgetting a Landmark or giving an old one for a store that has moved.

If you have nothing nice to say then say nothing at all, our mothers told most of us that saying as children; it still applies here and now as adults.

Sorry no photos for you today, I’m simply burned out from the past few days and not feeling it. Hopefully I’ll have something nice for you all tomorrow. Take Care ♥

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