I Dream Of Sushi…?

First off Happy Fourth of July to all of my fellow American Friends. I will be trying to get a Fourth of July themed blog or at the very least a picture done before the end of the day (RL Permitting), so if it’s posted tomorrow then I apologize in advance.

This Morning I stopped by The Chapter Four which opens each month on the Fourth. This time in particular there was something that I really, really wanted… Let me Explain… After the Picture and Credits….


I Dream Of Sushi.....


Pose: *~*HopScotch*~* Under The Sea *Includes Fish Tank*
Hair: Truth: Devinna – Browns
Dress: *ionic*: Martina Dress @The Chapter Four July
Shoes: .REIGN.: MaryJane Wedges – White (Cork) *For Slink Med Feet*

                                                                  Items In Picture:

Sushi Kitties: .Birdy.

Display Unit Rare @The Chapter Four July
Double Kitty Roll Rare @The Chapter Four July
Fishy All Gone @The Chapter Four July
Octopuss Purple @The Chapter Four July
Salmon 2 @The Chapter Four July

Continuing on with my long-winded story….
I believe that I can speak for a great deal of SL Residents in saying that .Birdy. is quite addicting. All of the animals to hold and love, always something new being released which tops what had just come out weeks ago. It’s a drive, a need to try to have them all. ‘Gotta Catch Them All’; Yes I pulled out Pokemon… but that’s what it feels like trying to catch them all and even more so with that one common you can’t seem to get your hands on, or that ever elusive rare which can drive us mad.

So when I learned of what was coming to The Chapter Four this month from .Birdy.; my heart truly skipped a beat. First off I am a cat person, second I love sushi…well the type that is cooked or not raw fish. Fried Sweet Potato Roll, Bacon Asparagus Roll… so good but I digress…

I knew that I needed the set if not only to be able to take a picture with it. Then I began to think about it more and more before an odd idea came into mind all because of a very odd type of dream that I had. I believe the picture captures part of my dream pretty well. I wish I could have executed it a bit better to be understood but I am pretty happy with the picture given this was a bit new for me. I’m not that artistic to say the very least…. I hope that you all enjoyed and enjoy your holiday! ♥




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