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Magical Universe..

“When the reason for a thing’s being illuminated, it doesn’t hold the same mystery it does when it is unknown, which is both a wonderful and a horrible revelation. It’s wonderful because it’s like peeking into the universe and understanding a tiny bit of its complexity. It’s also horrible because a little bit of magic is removed from the world with each discovery.” ― Bradley Somer, Fishbowl



Head: Lelutka – Bento Head Simone 2.7
Body: Maitreya – Lara v4.1
Skin: The Skinnery – Dunya (Lelutka Applier) & Brownie (Maitreya Applier older version no longer available)
Ears: Mandala – Steking Ears Season 5 (Unisex)

Tears: Cureless: Dragon Tears (v.1) (modded and used for water)

Eyes Facet: Cureless & Moon Amore – Surrealisme Gacha – Les Larmes Noir The Arcade Gacha Events September 2016

Water Drops: Izzie’s – Wet Body & Face Summerfest 2017
Hair: tram – G0613 (made headband invisible by modifying in Second Life)
Outfit: Cureless & Moon Amore – Surrealisme Gacha – ExpAquarium Body RARE The Arcade Gacha Events September 2016
Fishbowl: Disorderly – Stay Gold Summer Gacha – Fishbowl RARE The Epiphany July 2017

Pose: Di’ Opera  – Editorial 4
Background: Anxiety – Subject


Monday Meme: What’s your Digits? – The Fitted Mesh Revolution

Once again it’s Monday and that means it’s time for a Meme from Strawberry Singh! I was pretty happy to have something to do today other than trying to sort through and figure out how to set up pictures with all of the stuff I have from The Arcade Gacha Events. That’s still a work in progress but I digress…..


Meme Instructions: Share your avatar’s digits and/or answer the following questions about Fitted Mesh and what you think the future holds for our Second Life avatars.


Now this is a bit tricky for me, given I have three shapes and of that I use two of them almost every single day. I have a normal shape, then one tweaked for use with the Cute Azz and finally one tweaked for use with the Cute Azz and Lolas worn together. I’m going to share the digits of my Cute Azz Shape as it’s the same as the Cute Azz and Lolas save for the breasts. That and I seem to always be wearing my Cute Azz when I can get away with it for mesh as well. Also I wear Slink Hands and Feet always so, I’ll give you the numbers it has not that it matters since they are always hidden by the Slink.

 Arm Length – 55
Belly Size – 0
Body Fat – 0
Breasts – 48
Butt Size – 48
Hand Size – 20
Head Size – 45
Height –  60
Hip Width – 70
Leg Muscle – 43
Leg Length – 60
Love Handles – 20
Saddles Bags – 37
Torso Muscle – 35
Torso Length – 50

According to the Avatar Ruler, I am 6′ 8″ counting my shoes for the day.

Questions about Fitted Mesh:

What are your thoughts about Fitted mesh? – When I finally heard about it I thought it was a pretty good idea. Yet by that time I had gotten caught up with Lolas and Cute Azz. But I have a few things here and there that are fitted mesh which I like a lot.
Have you tried any of the new fitted mesh avatars released by Linden Lab? What do you think of them? – No I haven’t and I really don’t see myself trying one unless I am very bored one of these days.
Have you tried any fitted mesh avatars/bodies created by residents? – I have the Wowmeh Demo that I have been playing around with a bit. I honestly wondered f such a thing was going to be created for it already had been for the Child Avi – ToddleeDoo. The system is the same with creating your own alphas which I do like. I might finally break down and get the full version in a bit of time.
Have you tried a mesh head? What are your thoughts about mesh heads? – No! I have seen them around and I have to say it makes it as if everyone looks the same. Also I do not like how they appear to be floating away from a person’s body when you first TP in to a place and if SL is messing up it remains there and looks very creepy to me. I have stayed away and will be for the future, I like my face just the way it is.

Do you foresee a lot of changes to our current Second Life avatars because of fitted mesh? – There are quite a few changes happening as we speak. Some designers are not happy about the fact all these different bodies are being released; why you might ask the answer is simple: Appliers. Having to create all new appliers for clothes already released can be time consuming to say the very least. I feel for the Designers quite a bit due to that fact, they have already done this all before when the ‘War of the Butts’ began last fall. Soon enough there will be one body the public likes more than the others which appliers can be found easily. I suppose I am trying to wait until then before committing just like I did with my butt.

I swear I could touch the sky....


Pose: .[ posetivity ].: Leyla3

On Silver:

Hair: *booN: HYA209 – Chocolate

Hairbase: *booN: Cornrows Hairbase – Chocolate

Shirt: Tee*fy: Laura Unbuttoned Knotted Shirt Pink (Collabor88 May)

Pants: .REIGN.: Candy Jeans – Teal (The Big Show May)

Shoes: .REIGN.: Groupie Wedges – Fatpack (No Longer Available: Previous Group Gift)

Hands: Slink: Female Casual

Feet: Slink: High Female

Bag: Schadenfreude: This Little Piggie Wiggie Went to Market RARE @The Arcade Gacha Event

Piggie! ♥

Piggie Piggie

Falling Apart

“I knew that somewhere God was laughing. He had taken the other half of my heart, the one person who knew me better than I knew myself, and He had done what nothing else could do. By bringing us together, He had set into motion the one thing that could tear us apart.” – Jodi Picoult, Harvesting the Heart


The Break Up


Pose: KaTink: Deep Despair 17




Pose: KaTink: Deep Despair 17


Fading Away


Pose: KaTink: Deep Despair 19

The End


Pose: KaTink: Deep Despair 20

Items In All Pictures:

<:*BoOgErS*:>: Bear snow RARE@The Arcade Gacha Events
<:*BoOgErS*:>: Bearleesi RARE @The Arcade Gacha Events

[Commoner]: Break-Up Survival Kit – “True Love” Frame RARE @The Arcade Gacha Events
[Commoner]: Break-Up Survival Kit – Personal Massager @The Arcade Gacha Events
[Commoner]: Break-Up Survival Kit – Zanax RARE @The Arcade Gacha Events
[Commoner]: Break-Up Survival Kit – Dartboard RARE @The Arcade Gacha Events
[Commoner]: Break-Up Survival Kit – Milk Chocolate Bar @The Arcade Gacha Events
[Commoner]: Break-Up Survival Kit – Box of Tissues (Pink) @The Arcade Gacha Events
[Commoner]: Break-Up Survival Kit – Boxed Wine (Chardonnay) @The Arcade Gacha Events

Sway: [breakfast around the world] somewhere RARE @The Arcade Gacha Events

Theosophy: Tartelettes (Strawberry) @The Arcade Gacha Events
Theosophy: Tartelettes (Raspberry) @The Arcade Gacha Events
Theosophy: Bear Cappuccino (Petal) @The Arcade Gacha Events

Apple Fall: Paris Loft Skybox RARE @The Arcade Gacha Events
Apple Fall: Plaid luggage bag @The Arcade Gacha Events
Apple Fall: Tea Time Tins @The Arcade Gacha Events

PILOT: Bathtime [Romantic] RARE @The Arcade Gacha Events
PILOT: Bathtime Tray [Wine] @The Arcade Gacha Events

8f8: Strawberry Swirl Dessert @The Arcade Gacha Events

Tres Blah: Crown and Candle @The Arcade Gacha Events
Tres Blah: Petite Console Table – Blush @The Arcade Gacha Events

7 Emporium: Neon Jesus Saves Sign RARE@The Arcade Gacha Events

Scarlet Creations: Love Curtain with Pole @The Arcade Gacha Events

*Tentacio*: Num Num Takoyaki box @The Arcade Gacha Events

On Silver:

Hair: Truth: Sakura [Browns / Teal Bears] Common @The Arcade Gacha Events

Lipstick: Pink Acid: Jusay Lip Plumper Gloss – Deep Cherry

Eye Makeup: +Weeping+ (not sure where from)

Outfit: Pr!cK: LaBelle – BlacK

Hands: Slink: Casual Female

Feet: Slink: Mid Female


It’s About That Time Again….Gacha!

One of my most favorite times within SL is coming up in two days, none other than The Arcade Gacha! Now for those of you who don’t know The Arcade Gacha is a gacha event that is held four times a year; in March, June, September and December. Now someone might be asking; What is a Gacha? Well a Gacha is machine that you put money into for a random item that is offered. Often times the goal is the get an item that is listed as Rare which is quite hard to get but something that is very appealing to the customer. But the thing about gacha items are they are transferable, Yes meaning if you get more than one or you don’t want it you can either give it to a friend, trade it or resell it at one of the many gacha resale place all around in SL.

Here’s their Shopping Guide that will help you out with your list making! I have my list ready and have checked it twice for the items that I want. The grand total comes out to 35 Vendors and 199 Items at the moment. I’ve even prepared my inventory for the upcoming additions. Click for enlarged images.

The Arcade Part 1

The Arcade Part 2


So as we all wait for the count down until opening, I am simply trying to relax before the weekend rush that’s coming with FLF (Fifty Linden Fridays) and Saturday Sales. I hope that you all are ready because I know that I am! ♥

Quiet Time