Video Making Services ♥

I am using OBS to record videos and I use Photoshop and/or Premiere Pro to edit the video footage.

For a 20 minute video, I have found that editing takes me anywhere between 2-4 hours depending on the footage that I have. Editing a video is a bit of work and I would like for that to be know and reflected in my rates.

If you are interested in having me record and edit a video for you; my rates are as follows:

1-10 minutes: 5000L

10-20 minutes: 10,000L

Less than 30 second spot (think like a mini commercial) 2000L

All videos are in mp4 format and will be emailed to you; so you can host them on your YouTube, Vimeo or other Video website. I will post them on my own YouTube Channel for an additional 1500L.

If you would like music in your video, it must be Copyright & Royalty Free and covered by Creative Commons. I have many places I go to for such music, if you tell me what style you are looking for, I can find some and let you listen to pick which one you would like in your video.

**Regarding Live Steaming: I will not be offering live streaming to YouTube for Events/Shows. I am often times on my laptop and it just doesn’t have enough power for a seamless live stream without disconnecting or being a bit slow. If you have an Event/Shows that is between 7am SLT – 4pm SLT, then we can have a discussion about it as I may be able to be on my desktop which has much more power and live steam with little to no issues.

If you are interested please feel free to contact me Inworld or by email.

Inworld: silverchild24 resident


Example Video: